Stem Cell Banking

We know that Dental Stem Cells have the potential to protect your child from serious ailments for a lifetime, which is why we recommend Dental Stem Cell Banking.

With the progress in stem cell research,the cells can be used to secure your child from ailments such as stroke, corneal injury, spinal cord injury, arthritis, juvenile diabetes, etc.

Stem Cell Banking

What are dental stem cells and their potential uses ?

Stem cells are the building blocks of our body and have the potential to differentiate into various types of cells. Dental stem cells are mesenchymal stem cells found in milk teeth of children aged 5 and above and in permanent teeth of young adults under 30. The cells can also be found in premolars of teens undergoing orthodontic extractions.

The younger the person, the more vital are stem cells.To utilize the full potential of your child's stem cells, bank them now.

Dental Stem Cells have the ability to transform into bone, brain and dental tissue, cartilage, muscle, etc and have the potential to repair damage caused by diabetes, myocardial infarction, fractures, neurodegenerative diseases and other joint or bone diseases. etc. Dental stem cells may cure upto 95% of tissue and organ related diseases.