Root Canal Treatment in Delhi | Root Canal Treatment Cost in Delhi

Root Canal treatment is a procedure performed to treat the infection present in the soft pulp tissue of the teeth. Human teeth consist of three parts:

  • The enamel is the outermost hard part of the teeth
  • Dentine, which comes below the enamel
  • The pulp is the inner layer that consists of the nerves and blood vessels.

Bacterial infections can take place in the tissue of the teeth due to poor oral hygiene. This infection on reaching the pulp can cause severe problems and extreme pain.

Root Canal treatments

Root canal treatments help to get rid of any underlying bacterial infections.

The procedure involves removing the infected pulp from the tooth cavity. It helps in getting rid of any remaining infected tissues. After the cleaning is done, an artificial crown is placed on top to protect the tooth tissue from further damage.

The root canal treatment in Delhi is done under anaesthesia and is painless with little to no complications.

Why does someone need Root Canal Treatment in Delhi?

A root canal infection can cause several problems like:

  • A tooth infection can cause severe tooth pain and a great deal of discomfort. It can also lead to an increased sensitivity of the teeth.
  • If the infection increases and reaches the jawbone, it can lead to the formation of a pus-filled cavity and cause jaw bone deterioration.
  • In extreme cases of infection, the entire tooth can decay. In such cases, it becomes necessary to extract the damaged tooth.
  • Infected tissue can also lead to greenish and yellowish pus discharge from the mouth.

Getting a root canal treatment in Delhi can help you by:

  • Relieving the pain and discomfort
  • Reduces the swelling and inflammation caused by the bacterial infection
  • improve the sensitivity of the teeth
  • Can save the original decayed tooth from further damage.
  • can help prevent further jaw bone deterioration.

So, it is crucial to get root canal treatment done by experienced dentists.

Root Canal Treatment Cost in Delhi

Root canal treatment is a routine procedure that is generally not expensive. Although certain factors can lead to a variation in the root canal treatment cost in Delhi, like:

  • The clinic: the location of the clinic chosen, the amenities and the infrastructure provided by the clinic can lead to variation in the cost.
  • The extent of the infection: severe infections might require more sittings for the treatment.
  • Surgeons' experience and expertise also play a huge role in determining the overall cost. It is vital to consult a dentist with extensive experience to get the right treatment.
  • Preoperative tests and X-rays can also lead to a variation in the root canal treatment cost in Delhi.
  • Different medications
  • Different prosthetic crowns