What are the Bleeding Gums Causes and its Treatment?

Bleeding Gums Causes

A reddish tinge on your toothbrush while brushing could mean that you have bleeding gums. It is a fairly common occurrence, but must not be taken for granted. Most people experience this at least once in their lifetime. If the bleeding repeats often, then it could be a sign of a potential dental problem.

Most often, bleeding gums during brushing are a sign of dental problems, deficiency, or systemic disease. Healthy gums do not bleed easily and therefore Bleeding gums need immediate attention, medical evaluation, and proper treatment. Regular Dental Checkups Are An Important Part Of Maintaining Your Healthy Smile!

If you are wondering which disease leads to bleeding gums, it could range from gingivitis to a major systemic disorder.

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  1. What are Bleeding Gums?
  2. Causes of Bleeding Gums
  3. Which vitamin deficiency causes Bleeding gums?
  4. Treatment For Bleeding Gums

Take Away

1. What are Bleeding Gums?

When you see blood in the sink after brushing, flossing or cleaning, then you may have bleeding gums. It is usually a symptom and indicates that there is something going on with your dental health, and needs to be examined.

By themselves, bleeding gums while brushing are not a cause for much alarm. But, to stop them from progressing to seriously concerned problems and to determine the underlying cause of the bleeding, it is best to consult your dentist who will make an assessment and pinpoint why your gums are bleeding.

Bleeding gums for no reason is not often the scenario with dental health. It is a symptom that points towards an impending undiagnosed condition.

2. Causes of bleeding gums

Some of the common causes of bleeding gums include:

Poor dental hygiene :- 

Wrong brushing technique:-

Improper flossing method:






Ill fitting dentures

Apart from these causes , there are certain factors that predispose you to gum bleeding:

3. Which vitamin deficiency causes bleeding gums?

stop bleeding gums

4. Treatment For bleeding gums

It is vital to see your dentist and get yourself checked to see what could be causing bleeding gums. You must see your dentist when:

  1. You have more than a few episodes of bleeding gums during brushing over a few weeks
  2. If you are aware of any conditions that you may have such as diabetes, bleeding disorders etc
  3. Bleeding gums and bad breath can go hand in hand. So if you have bad breath, visit your dentist to get treated
  4. you have tried to wait and treat it at home, but it keeps coming back. 

After a thorough dental examination, your dentist will:

  1. Recommend the right oral routine based on your health condition
  2. Prescribe antibiotics if there is an infection
  3. Advise the right mouthwash to be used
  4. Guide you towards a good diet for oral health
  5. Plaque removal and prevention of tartar buildup may be required
  6. You may need to take vitamin supplements to prevent deficiency

Take Away

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