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A root canal is a treatment option that is designed to repair and save a damaged or infected tooth, as an alternative to removing it. The treatment is performed when the tissues inside a tooth’s root become inflamed or infected. They help restoring teeth that are damaged, back to their normal function, and prevents further decay. This procedure is also called endodontic treatment.

The need for root canal treatment arises because of infection or permanent damage to the tooth’s pulp which is result of an untreated cavity, which allows the bacteria to enter and infect the pulp. Another main reason is trauma or dental restorative work.

The Root canal treatment proceeds in the following steps:

  • Administer Local anesthesia: At the beginning of your filling procedure, you may be given general anaesthesia.
  • Tooth decay removal: After the tooth and the surrounding areas become numb, the endodontist drills an opening through the crown or the biting surface of the tooth to access the pulp chamber. If it is a front tooth, the endodontist drills an opening from behind the tooth.
  • Cleaning: Using special files the endodontist cleans out the infected, diseased and dead pulp from the canals. The procedure does not cause any pain as the area is numb due to the anesthesia, and the tissue that is removed is dead.
  • Disinfeting: Once all the infected and dead tissue is removed, the canals are disinfected using disinfectants.
  • Shaping: The canals are then shaped with fine instruments so that they can be filled with the root canal fillings known as gutta-percha and sealed. During the process of shaping, irrigation method is used to wash and clean the canals and remove the debris, before inserting the fillings and sealing the tooth.
  • Filling: A temporary cover material which acts like a seal is placed above the gutta percha. This covering material is kept in place till a crown or a cap which looks like a normal tooth is fitted atop the treated tooth. At times, a post is inserted into the canal next to the gutta percha to give the crown more support.
  • Closing: Thereafter, the crown is cemented in place so that it never dislodges.

root canal treatment

root canal treatment

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