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Fissure sealants are special materials used by dentists to seal off pits and fissures which can be found on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Such pits and grooves are termed ‘fissures’ and are usually so narrow that toothbrush bristles and streams of water are not able to clean them effectively. These form a favourable environment for bacteria to flourish, often resulting in tooth decay.

Sealants should be used as part of total Preventive dental care. Dr. Aman & Dr. Karuna are experieced pit & fissure sealants and says Sealants should be used as part of total preventive dental care for children as well as adults. One sealant application can last for as long as five to 10 years. Sealants should be checked regularly, and reapplied if they are no longer in place.

Sealants are applied easily and painlessly. No drilling is required. The tooth is properly cleaned, treated, dried, and the sealant applied. It then hardens to form a protective coating over the tooth. Sealants are most effective when applied after the eruption of the tooth. Early application ensures pits and fissures are sealed before the decay process begins.

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